I’m writing to let all of you know about a change coming to Elisabeth Rose.


I’ll cut right to the chase — we are not re-opening our store in Davidson
and will be shifting all Elisabeth Rose retail sales to online only.


2020 has been unexpectedly surreal / challenging / exciting to say the least.


I had no idea when I closed the store on Friday, March 13th
(should have seen it coming) that we would be making the
announcement we are today.


Reality set in quickly after we closed the store that day; it was ‘go-time’.
I decided to use quarantine and this unexpected ‘downtime’ to assess
what Elisabeth Rose is best at and how to become faster, better, stronger
as a small business.


What happened next? Against all odds, we grew, and by a lot.


- In a matter of days following the shut down, we ideated, designed,
produced, packaged and launched the first candle in our collection —
Work From Home.


- In an effort to reach you all at your homes
(or wherever you found yourselves staying put) we built and
our very first e-commerce platform (s/o to Summer for becoming
our resident “Coder Girl" and creating a flawless, easy-to-use shopping
experience from scratch).


- We worked with our private event clients as they postponed
and shifted dozens of events that had been scheduled for 2020.
We designed, printed and mailed hundreds of ‘save the new date’
and shortly after ‘save the new, new date’ cards.


- We sold out of our Work from Home candle multiple times
and became pros at packing and shipping orders (s/o to Skylar
for fully managing and executing our newly developed shipping department
“she is our shipping queeeeeeen —young and sweet she ships everythiiiiiing”).


- We lost our minds here and there, ate a LOT of takeout from
the local hotspots and blasted our music
(probably a little too loudly)
into the empty streets of Davidson.


- We helped our corporate clients make their employees and
clients feel loved and appreciated for the hard work they put in at home
by developing and fulfilling custom gifting experiences.


- We launched our second candle, Sunday Brunch, along with a
number of new stationery and desk items that have continually sold out.
We realized we have more people to reach beyond the confines
of our wonderful town, city, state and country.


I am humbled and immeasurably grateful every single day
to see the amount of love, support, cheering and order-placing
you have done since the moment we closed our doors in March.


So here we are; nearing the end of 2020 with
a clear picture of where we’re headed
and how to get there.
Letting go of our storefront is part of that plan (for now).


We miss seeing your faces, petting your dogs,
hearing about your days and learning more about you while you shop
in our store.
These last years of owning that space have been extremely
sweet and every one of you
who has loyally shopped with us
has been a part of building what we are today.


You are making our dreams come true and I cannot say
thank you enough for investing in our small business.


What will things look like from here?


We will continue growing our online presence;
bringing you the products you adore straight to your home.
Per all of your requests — it sure seems like it’s time for a seasonal candle.
We might have a little announcement about that soon.


For our corporate and private event clients —
we’ll continue to be available via email, phone and by appointment
for in-person or video call consultations. We are more excited than ever
to get back to designing and creating for your in-person events.


We’ll miss seeing your faces
while you shop, but if you’re local to Davidson, you’ll still see us around —
and if you listen closely, you’ll probably hear the melodic voice of
Freddy Mercury echoing from our office windows.


Eternally grateful,